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Tee-to-Green golf instruction, in your pocket!

Par Hackr

Par Hackr analyzes your ball flight and provides customized golf instruction to help you shave strokes off your game. 

Par Hackr is a much needed third option for amateur golfers who want to improve their game from tee to green.

Currently, there are only two choices...

Pay Big Bucks for Private Lessons $$$

Spend Hours Searching Random Online Golf Tips

Pro: Personalized Advice

Con: Very Expensive, up to $200 per hour.

Pro: Free Content

Con: Many sessions required for a lasting impact on your game. Requires student to pay hundreds of dollars over and over and over. 

- or -

Con: You risk hurting your game by taking the wrong advice. 

Con: Difficult to find the right content for your unique swing issues.

Our planned release date is March 23rd. Get Notified!

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